Gianna Michaels

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  • Jun 06, 1983
  • United States
  • Blue
  • Mahagony
  • 5'10" | 178cm
  • 38DD (US)| 85F (EU)
  • 27 | 69
  • 31 | 79
  • 9 | 40
Just because Gianna Michaels has enormous breasts and a really big booty, each of which can make a strong man become weak, it doesn't mean she doesn't also have slim and sexy legs and pretty feet. We happen to know she has all of these qualities and they're in addition to her model sharp features and winning attitude.

Prior to her career in the adult industry she had worked at a few fast food places and then as a receptionist in an office. It's a good thing that a sharp eyed scout noticed her and prevented her amazing physical attributes from going to waste one moment longer.

In one Hot Legs and Feet scene she is featured wearing some nude stockings and high heels. Her body looks stunning while wrapped tightly in the undergarments and she does a wonderful job showing herself off from all the best angles. The cameras focus on her long slender legs and nicely shaped feet as she strips out of her hose.

Gianna has always loved to show off her body and has mentioned enjoying all of the attention that her body gets her. Her motto is that if you've got it, flaunt it. She loves shopping for clothes and some of her favorite things are printed t-shirts.

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Sei sempre il top.

Anonymous, 7 months ago

Gianna has been doing porn since long before her first shoot on this site.... What's up with that whacky intro?

Anonymous, 2 years ago

Gianna has it all. Gorgeous face with eyes that flash with desire. Long luscious legs and a fuck me figure. A sweet round ass. And that's not even mentioning the greatest tits in the biz. Amazing...

Anonymous, 3 years ago

My woman caught me jerking off to this whore and I let her leave me so I could keep spanking it.

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