Ready Tongue For Her Toes! [Part 2]

Abbie Cat

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Ready Tongue For Her Toes! [Part 2]

Last week we saw Frank Gun refresh Abbie Cat’s 7.5 Hungarian feet with his massage skills. This week, she gives him quite a reward! Her cock-hungry feet wrap themselves around his prick, jacking his meat and rubbing his balls before he even gets a chance to finish taking off her jeans. Then she takes his sausage into her mouth in the background, while in the foreground her feet are presented to us in all their erotic glory.

For those of us with cuckold fantasies, this is a perfect set with which to explore them! We can imagine Abbie as our insatiable girlfriend, goddess, or wife, taking her illicit pleasure with a masseur’s dick while we kneel at her feet which she keeps in the foreground of the action for our kinky pleasure. True, Frank gets to also suck her feet as he fucks her, but Abbie keeps looking over at US as she presents her feet to the camera! We can fantasize licking those toes while she tugs his tool and enjoys his balls...then watch her ride his rod cowgirl style while she keeps looking over at US with a perverse gleam in her eyes!

Abbie really takes it every which way from her massage stud. She jerks his inches with her talented toes, licking her lips at the glistening tip, as if she can’t wait to get her mouth around it again...then he fucks her doggie style, cramming it in her pussy as he holds her hips and regulates her movements, putting her completely under his control as WE are under the control of her beauty!! And then, we can enjoy the ultimate moment of wildest pleasure as Abbie--our girlfriend? our goddess? our wife?--lays back and triumphantly tugs a big dirty load of cream out of Frank’s prick, which litters her feet in all its obscene lust! Look at all the goo he made on her insteps and soles! And kinky Abbie couldn’t be happier!

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Ready Tongue For Her Toes! [Part 2]

Abbie Cat


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