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Pouring water into her pantyhose!


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Pouring water into her pantyhose!

Zafira and her size sevens make their 31st appearance on our site! First Zafira, fully dressed in a lovely frock, gives us crossed-leg poses shot from a low angle which emphasize her dominance over our minds and cocks. Her red polished toenails are lovingly showcased in white strappy sandals and nude pantyhose.
We next get high angle views which spotlight the length of her limbs as Zafira stretches out, lifts her dress, and puts a hand in her pantyhose. Then the cameras go down to the floor so we can worship from way below. No matter what perspective you desire as a connoisseur of legs and feet, DDF Productions captures it for your delight! But we're only halfway into the set at this point. Now it veers off into some very unexpected directions. Zafira gets a vase of water and drenches her feet in the pantyhose! She even pulls out her waistband and pours the water inside. Don't you just love it when young women do these sexy but totally irrational things?? Zafira poses her soaked pantyhosed feet in a glass tray and extends them toward our faces. She flexes and sucks her own toes, then she pulls off the pantyhose, tugs them between her feet, and gives us some great wet splayed toe shots. You can keep your bottled water; I want mine off the soles of sweet Zafira!!

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